Animal World Kitten Chicken with Salmon and Shrimp Kitten Food 1.5 Kg. Animal World is blended using scientific formulas with the combination of different flavors for kittens. Animal World Food is a food that offers the pleasure of eating with appetite for your friends thanks to its rich nutritional values ​​and high protein content. Animal World cat foods provide your friend’s natural nutrition with natural ingredients. It prevents digestive system problems. It is a specially designed cat food to meet all the daily nutritional needs of kittens. Scientifically formulated 100% natural ingredients provide balanced and healthy nutrition for all kittens. It offers a stress-free nutrition for the digestive system with its high flavor rate, special grain size, density and shape.  

Ingredients: Dehydrated chicken protein 26%, baldo rice 17%, corn, refined chicken oil, anchovy meal 12%, shrimp meal 8%, brewer’s yeast, hydrolyzed chicken liver, fish oil, nucleotide yeast protein, minerals. prebiotic mannan oligosaccharides.  

Analysis Information: Protein : 33%, Fat Content : 16%, Crude Ash : 8%, Crude Cellulose : 2.8%, Omega 6 : 3.6%, Omega 3 : 0.65%, Vitamin A(3a672a) : 15000 IU/KG , Taurine : 1500mg/KG, Vitamin D3(3a671) : 900 IU/KG, Vitamin E(3a700) : 90 mg/KG, Vitamin C(3a312) : 15 mg/KG, Copper(Sulphate) (3b405) : 18 mg /KG, Zinc (Sulphate) (3b405) : 75 mg/KG, Zinc (Chelate) (3b603) : 18 mg/KG, Manganese (Sulphate) (3b505) : 30 mg/KG, Selenium(3b801) : 0.3 mg/KG, Niacin (3a314) : 72 mg/KG

Additional Information
Weight 15 kg