EFFECTVET with biotin for cat’s healthy skin and shiny fur (vitamin-mineral complex) 100 pcs


Tablets of 0.5 g.
omega 3, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vegetable oils, vitamin-mineral complex.
100 g of product contain:
vitamin B1 – 20 mg;
vitamin B2 – 20 mg;
vitamin B3 – 0.3 g;
vitamin B5 – 8 mg;
vitamin B7 (biotin) – 0.01 g;
calcium – 20 g;
vitamin B6 – 4 mg
vitamin B9 – 0.6 mg;
taurine – 5 mg;
phosphorus – 15 g.
Excipients: brewers yeast, lactose, calcium stearate, calcium carbonate.
The additive has the total pharmacological properties of individual components (vitamins and minerals). The additive replenishes the deficiency of biologically active substances in the animal’s body.  Bioavailable forms of biotin, taurine and other active substances prevent the developmental disability of pelage and skin, improve the animal’s skin and fur condition, accelerate the replacement of fur during the change of coat, restore its shine, thickness.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids, vegetable oils and fish liver oil have a positive effect on the condition of the animal’s fur and skin. It is recommended in cases of increased damage to fur, itching, dandruff, eczema. The additive stimulates the growth and development of animals, positively affects the functioning of the organs of vision, carbohydrate-lipid metabolism, condition of skin and mucous membranes, sebaceous and sweat glands, improves fertilization, prevents dystrophic changes in the liver, testes, skeletal muscles.
The additive helps to keep your pets’ skin healthy and fur shiny.
Improving the condition of the animal’s fur and skin, preventing vitamin-mineral deficiency, stimulating reproductive function and growth.
Apply with food or feed directly to animals.  Prevention: 2 tablets of 0.5 g per day. The course of administration is at least 4 weeks.
As an adjunct as part of treatment: 4 tablets of 0.5 g per day. The course of treatment is 4-6 months (as recommended by a veterinary medicine doctor).
Not determined.
Dispose of unused feed additive or its residues in accordance with the requirements of applicable legislation.
Tablets of 0.5 g;1.0 g – 100 pcs. in each plastic jar (container).

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