Kennels Favorite – Lamb&Rice 12.5kg


with selected natural ingredients that are suitable for human consumption

  • for adult dogs of all breeds, especially for dogs which have problems with digestion and/or allergy on food or other intolerances; kidney; skin atopy; heavy moulting; overweight;WITH ANIMAL PROTEIN CONSISTING OF 60% LAMB
    AND 40% TURKEY

  • Non-GMO Certified
  • Formula «Sensitive», formulated Wheat Gluten-Free
  • Low Natrium content (Na)
  • Low Arachidonic acid content (ω3)
  • Formula «Well Being» (Collection of spices and medicinal herbs)
  • Formula «Digestive Health» (MOS+FOS)
  • ОMEGA 6:3 / EPА+DHA
  • Contains Hydrolized Protein
  • Low Energy Value
  • Relieves the kidney- and liver function
  • Highly digestible proteins
  • Natural antioxidant mixture
  • Odour Control
  • Moisture Level 8%

Kennels`.Favourite..Lamb&Rice complete and balanced wheat gluten free super premium dry food for adult dogs of all breeds. Ideal nutrition for dogs with food allergy or digestive problems. Helps to provide a stronger immune system and to maintain an optimal body weight. Protein sources: 75% of animal origin (lamb ans poultry) and 25% of vegetable origin.

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Weight 12,5 kg