kennels favourite Yeast & Calcium – VITAMINIZED WHEY PASTILS FOR DOGS OF ALL BREEDS 150gr


with prebiotic and probiotic effect
  • Takes care of healthy teeth and bones
  • Improves the metabolic process in the organs
  • Improves the secretory function of the stomach

 Whey Powder, Rice Groats, Grape Syrup, Dehydrated Fish, Yeast 0.96%, Calcium (Ca) 0.48%.
Nutritional additives/kg: Trace Elements: Magnesium (Mg) 1080mg, Iron (Fe) 252mg, Zinc (Zn) 177mg, Copper (Cu) 20mg; Vitamins: A 2.989 IU, B-complex 53mg, E 448mg.
Analytical constituents: Crude Protein 12.3%, Crude Fat 3.1%, Crude Ash 6.6%, Crude Fiber 0.42%.
Daily consumption: 2-3 pastilles a day, regularly.
A raised intake will not cause any negative side effects.
Store in a dark, cool and dry place.
Produced and packed in The Netherlands.
Best before: see package.
Netto weight: 135g


Operative component:


Scientific name: Calcium (Ca)

Calcium (Ca) is the most natural mineral in the organism. Around 99% of the calcium in bones and teeth is found in the form of calcium phosphate. Calcium (Ca) is the most important building block of bones and teeth, and helps in the stimulation of the nervous system, the contractibility of the muscles and the clotting of blood; it makes up a part of the nucleus and the membranes of the cells, together with the cellular and tissue fluids; it has an anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect; it stops acid poisoning and activates some ferments and hormones. Calcium (Ca) also regulates the permeability of the cell membranes, unlike sodium.
In addition, calcium has an anti-stress effect: it helps to expel salts of heavy metals and radionuclides from the organism. It has an anti-allergic effect, it is probiotic and it performs the function of an antioxidant.
Calcium (Ca) is essential for the formation of teeth and bones, for the normal working of the cells, the nervous system and the contraction of the muscles, as well as for blood clotting and immunity.

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