Perfect drops for dogs of medium and large breeds antiparasitic – 1 item


application: EXTERNALLY
type of formulation: ANTIPARASITIC

1 ml of the drug contains active substances:

fipronil – 100.0 mg;
alpha-cypermethrin – 1.0 mg.
Excipients: dimethyl sulfoxide, benzyl benzoate, polysorbate – 80, butylhydroxytoluene, butylhydroxyanisole, isopropyl alcohol.

Liquid from light brown to yellowish-brown color with a specific smell of the constituent components, during storage, the appearance of a slight sediment is allowed.

Pharmacological properties
ATC vet QP53, ectoparasiticides, insecticides and repellents.

The drug has a pronounced insecto-acaricidal effect against larval and adult forms of fleas, lice, hairworms, ixod and sarcoptoid ticks of dogs and cats.

PerFect drops are a combined drug that includes fipronil and alpha-cypermethrin.

Fipronil – 5-amino-1- [2,6-dichloro-4 (trifluoromethyl) phenyl] -4 – [(trifluoromethyl) sulfinyl] 1H-pyrazole-3-carbonitrile, a derivative of phenylpyrazole with insecticidal and acaricidal action.

Fipronil disrupts the passage of chlorine ions in the GABA-dependent receptors of ectoparasites, the transmission of nerve impulses and the activity of the nervous system, causing their death. Does not affect the central nervous system of mammals.

After application to the skin, fipronil accumulates in the epidermis, hair follicles, and sebaceous glands of the animal and has a long-lasting contact insectoacaricidal effect. After applying the drug, fipronil is distributed over the body surface within 24 hours.

Alpha-cypermethrin is a contact synthetic pyrethroid with a wide spectrum of insectoacaricidal action, which blocks the transmission of nerve impulses, causing impaired coordination of movements, paralysis and death of ectoparasites, and also has repellent properties. It is quickly metabolized and excreted from the body, so it does not accumulate in animal tissues.

When applied to the skin in the recommended doses, it does not have a local irritant and resorptive-toxic effect, when it gets into the eyes it causes irritation. The drug is toxic to fish and bees.

Indications for use
Prevention and treatment of dogs affected by ectoparasites:

fleas (Ctenocephalides felis., Babesia canis, Babesia gibsoni, Babesia vogeli, Ehrlichia canis, Anaplasma phagocytophilum);
ticks (Rhipicephalus spp., Dermacentor spp., Ixodes spp., Sarcoptes canis, Neotrombicula automnalis, Haemaphysalis spp., Boophilus calcaratus, Demodex canis, Demodex cati, Demodex gatoi);
lice (Felicola subrostratus, Linognathidae);
hair eaters (Trichodectes canis);
mosquitoes (Aedes, Culex, Anopheles).
Treatment of dogs affected by ear mites (Otodectescynotis).

Treatment of dogs affected by some types of parasites (Cheyletiella) that cause purulent dermatitis.

Application method
The drug is prescribed once to adult dogs and puppies aged 10 weeks and over with a body weight of more than 2 kg.

The drug is applied to the dry, intact skin of the animal between the shoulder blades, and in case of ear mite infestation – to the skin of the auricle. To apply the drug, it is necessary to break the tip of the pipette and divide the fur of the animal between the shoulder blades so that the skin is visible, press the tip of the pipette to the skin and press the pipette several times to apply the entire content to the skin.

The doses of the drug are:

dogs with a body weight of 10 to 20 kg – 1 pipette of 1.6 ml of the drug;
dogs with a body weight of 20 to 40 kg – 3 pipettes of 0.8 ml of the drug;
dogs with a body weight of more than 40 kg – 2 pipettes of 1.6 ml of the drug.
In order to prevent re-infestation of animals with ectoparasites, it is necessary to periodically replace or treat the bedding with insecticides.

When animals are affected by ixodid ticks, the drug is applied in a dose of 1 drop directly to the tick and the place of its attachment to the skin. If the tick does not fall off involuntarily within 20 minutes, then it is carefully pulled out with tweezers.

For the treatment of canine sarcoptosis, the drug is used 2-4 times with an interval of 7-10 days; for preventive purposes – once a month. Treatment is recommended to be carried out comprehensively with the use of etiotropic, pathogenetic and symptomatic agents.

One dose is enough to protect the animal for 6 weeks against flea infestation and for 3-4 weeks against tick infestation.

When handling animals, do not allow the drug to get into the animals’ eyes and animals to lick the drug.

Do not use the drug for puppies under the age of 10 weeks, animals with a body weight of less than 2 kg.

Do not use in sick, exhausted and weakened animals.

Do not use the drug for the treatment of other species of animals, especially rabbits, due to the risk of unwanted reactions that can lead to the death of animals.

Do not use the drug in pregnant animals and females during lactation.

Increased sensitivity to the components of the drug.

When working with the drug, follow the basic hygiene and safety rules adopted when working with veterinary drugs.

Do not allow animals to lick the drug, keep them away from open flames and heating devices.

It is important to follow the rules of safe fixation of animals.

After handling animals, hands should be washed with soap.

Within 48 hours after treatment

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