select CAT STERILIZED – Chicken and Egg 8kg


Select Cat Sterilized is specially formulated for the needs of the sterilized cat. Its composition helps maintain the health and adequate weight for the cat, which has lower energy requirements than an unsterilized adult cat.


Weight Maintenance – Optimal level of proteins and fats to prevent obesity.
Select Cat Sterilized has been specifically designed so that the cat receives a lower caloric intake while keeping its protein and vitamin needs covered. In addition, its pea fiber content promotes and benefits intestinal transit health.
High Palatability – Superior Palatability
The new Select Cat Sterilized formula incorporates fresh, high-quality ingredients from local suppliers.
Anti Hairball – Hairball control
Select Cat Sterilized has a nutritional profile rich in a type of especially fine and flexible fiber, which contributes to intestinal mobility.
Urinary Care – Prevention of urinary stones.
Select Cat Sterilized is formulated with a selection of ingredients with a mild acidifying effect on the urine that helps to reduce the pH to the ideal level and thus prevents the formation of urinary stones.

dehydrated chicken meat; Cassava, Sweet Potato, Vegetable Protein Concentrate; Animal Fats; Dehydrated egg (>5%), Minerals; Yeasts, Hydrolyzed animal proteins; Pea fiber (>1%), Vegetable fiber; yeast hydrolyzate (source of MOS prebiotic)

Protein: 27 – Fat Content: 14 – Inorganic Material: 7 Gross Fibers: 3 – Taurine: 1340 mg
Vitamins, provitamins and chemically defined substances with a similar effect
Vitamin A: 30,000 IU – Vitamin D3: 1,800 IU – Vitamin E: 110 IU

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Weight 8 kg

Adult, Sterilised