[product_table id=”3846″]

[product_table name=”test table”]
Can be used to replace id attribute.
offset [product_table id=”123″ offset=”6″]
Number of initial products to skip over. In this example the shortcode will skip the first 6 products.
limit [product_table id=”123″ limit=”8″]
Limits the number of products per page.
category [product_table id=”123″ category=”clothes, shoes”]
Enter comma separated category slugs. This will change the product categories displayed by the table. If the category spellings are incorrect or the categories do not exist on the site no results will be displayed.
ids [product_table id=”123″ ids=”100, 101, 102″]
Enter comma separated product IDs to limit the table results to those products. You can use ids=”current” as a place holder for the current product id if the shortcode is entered on a product page.
skus [product_table id=”123″ skus=”sku1, sku2″]
Enter comma separated product SKUs to limit the table results to those specific products.