EFFECTVET for neutered male cats and spayed female cats. Prevention of bladder stone disease (vitamin-mineral complex) 100Tablets


Tablets of 0.5 g.
birch bud extract, knotgrass extract, methionine, vitamin-mineral complex.
100 g of product contain:
vitamin A – 2000 IU;
vitamin B1 – 20 mg;
vitamin B2 – 20 mg;
vitamin B3 – 0.3 g;
vitamin B5 – 8 mg;
vitamin B6 – 2 mg;
vitamin B7 – 0.01 g;
vitamin B9 – 0.6 mg;
vitamin E – 70 mg
vitamin D3 – 4000 IU;
taurine – 0.2 g;
ferrum – 11 mg;
zinc – 1 mg;
copper – 1 mg;
magnesium – 1 mg;
methionine – 2.8 mg.
Excipients: brewers yeast, calcium stearate, lactose, calcium carbonate.
The additive has the total pharmacological properties of individual components (vitamins and minerals). The additive helps to reduce the risk of bladder stone disease of your pets.
Prevention of relapses and as an adjunct in the bladder stone disease treatment and urologic syndrome; prevention of vitamin-mineral deficiency; immunity improvement; prevention of gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases; stimulation of reproductive function and growth.
Apply with food or feed directly to animals.
Prevention of the bladder stone disease: 2 tablets of 0.5 g per day. The course of administration is at least 4 weeks.
As an adjunct as part of the bladder stone disease treatment: 4 tablets of 0.5 g per day. The course of treatment is 4-6 months (as recommended by a veterinary medicine doctor).
Not determined.
Dispose of unused feed additive or its residues in accordance with the requirements of applicable legislation.
Tablets of 0.5 g – 100 pcs. in each plastic jar (container).
Dry dark place at temperature from 5 °C to +25 °C.
Shelf life – 2 years.

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